Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ever have those freak accident moments with your machine LOL,I'm just sewing away getting caught up on some things,good old classic movie going & all was right with the world when the pressure foot fell off into 2 pieces mind you, the needle bent up into a U shape in the middle of parts falling off LOl there was no jammed thread so it didn't make a lot of sense why the machine suddenly had a break down LOL I'm going to give it a little time to pull itssef together then attempt to fix it , meanwhle it's a good thing I have a back up machine LOL

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rainy sundays dolls said...

I can totally relate to you, my machine does things like this all the time!lol!
It is sooooo stressful,especialy when your on a roll and in the middle of a good Raggedy!
Mine decided to just not bother sewing properly from the bottom and not sew the elastic waste band to rouche the the bloomers properly, it kept coming out all loose! Blah!
I think it needs some therapy lol!