Tuesday, November 16, 2010


ready or not show time is fast approaching ~lol~ but I think I have more than I think I do , at least I hope so ~lol~

this is all I had left of my Annie's from my last show so I had my work cut out for me in the sewing room & I still do counting down to 3 days ~lol~

I usually only do the traditional Raggedy Ann for my Sept. show but I'm introducing her to my Christmas show this year, if they'll stop running around naked & get dressed ~lol~
the office has turned into my paintin station~lol~

there's candles to be bagged
pillows to be fluffed
gingers to bake
yep still a lot of somethings going on over here ~lol~oh well I have to go & set up Thur. night so Thur will tell the tale ~loL~Fri will be the hardest day as it is the longest 9am-9pm, then drive home then back at 7am sat. just an hr drive but that 9-9 can be a killer if you don't get enough rest
hummm I just realized I didn't make the snowmen's nose's, oh well I shall think about that tomarrow ~lol~

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