Thursday, November 11, 2010


HA! HA! I knew that would get you running over here, show time is fast approaching, too fast lol a week from today, you hear me? a week! & it will be time to set up for my Christmas show, there's a lot of nakies running around here, lots of baking & basking in the sun, lots of painting, can you say insanity has struck LOL, got this special order to finish up the it's back to working on show items

the couple beside her are part of my many many UFO's that just a tweak here & there, in the mist of all this, tomorrow is my parents 60th wedding anniversary, then Sunday is our grandson's dedication, he;s growing like a weed, first & only grandson oh yea he's spoiled lol so between partying, going out of town & a week till show time things are gonna get down & dirty over here, prim wise that is LOL

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Riet said...

You sound like a very busy person. I love those dolls.