Saturday, November 6, 2010


With less than 12 days till show time, pretty soon there wont be a place left to sit down LOL, my camera chip is full can you believe it lol I've decided that by the time I transfer 18oo + pictures onto CD's it would be easier to just buy a new chip, always need a backup anyways, right? LOL, going through my Christmas patterns, trying to come up with new items this year I pulled these out

been thinking about my sweet JOJO too lol I haven't made her in a while, she's a hoot to make but ohhh so sweet when she's all done & loveable too

so if I hurry she will get to go to the Christmas show with me, 12 more days , how many more can I make LOL LOL so it's back to the sewing room, Santa's snowmen, Annies, fingers & toes oh my!

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