Monday, November 22, 2010


my two day Christmas show is over, I still didn't feel good when I did this show & I looked it as everyone kept asking if I'd been up all night, I'd smile & say no, humm seem if I was up all night I'd had all these UFO's finished lol oh well still got Santa & Snowmen body parts everywhere but that's ok, I got talked into one more show! LOL

Santa was even there!

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nancy huggins said...

I hope you did real good at the show and good luck on the next one. I wasn't able to get a lot finished because of our move and getting unpacked plus the neck and arm pain from fibro. I am planning to start this year right after the holidays. I have a show on Dec 5th and am new in town so not sure what will sell. Maybe I can find another show too.
Hope you have a great TG with family or friends :)