Saturday, November 27, 2010


why does it do it! the sweet machine that is was working just fine while I was at my daughters helping her make elf stockings (our own pattern) & matching pj's for all the girls, we even made us a pair lol I guess sewing non stop for three days was too much for it, now here it is a week till show time & it's refusing to sew ohhh it's gonna get the hammer

guess I'll have to work on trees,etc for now, been scouting out new machines, this tree is featured in the Nov/Dec issue of Country sampler, I have plans for one on my kitchen table lol

back in the 70's ,my husbands grandmother always gave me the most delicate pretty handkerchiefs, I think I have one left around here some where, I went on a hankie search & came across a link, oh glory there they were, sweet new vintage handkerchief's, oh yea I will be clicking that button, more info. on the handkerchiefs on my Nanna's Place blog

when I get back to sewing, which I may have to beg borrow or steal well ok borrow lol a machine I am going to try my hand at MUG RUGS /POTHOLDER/HOT PADS, have you got into the mug rug craze yet?

(pic. from one the bloggers)

here are a few bloggers I've came across while searching for mug rugs

visit for this hot pad tutorial, the perfect size for casseroledishes, just scroll through a few post & you'll come to it, you can also download it

in the mist of all this sewing machine delima I'm getting the house ready for my Tour Of Lights Party

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Prims and Annies said...

O seems like things quit at the busiest time. My machine is so old...I hope it will be around a long time. Remember when machines would fit into solid wood cabinets...mine is about 30 years old. I love the mug rugs, but there is no way I would have the patience to cut out all those little squares and sew them together...they would be so crooked. If I have to match more than 2 colors my brain does not work. How's the "just for me project" coming. Hope you do well at your show. I'm off to check on the mug rug sites.
Merry Christmas