Sunday, December 5, 2010


Whew! catching up can be rough ~lol~! a few weeks back I spent 3 days going back & forth to my daughters helping make Christmas stockings, ornaments you name it we did it ~lol~ we even made matching pj's for everybody , that was 6 sets! whew! so here's a few pictures of my daughter helping the twins Meagan & Madison with their stockings, they thought they were sewing, lol so funny & so cute! my oldest granddaughters were determined to do it on their own ~lol

Courtney was concentrating so hard, just gotta love the faces they made ~lol~
Hannah kept that deer in the headlights look the whole time~lol~

Meagan & Madison thought they were so big thinking they were sewing ~lol~they had so much fun glueing & making their gingerbread ornaments


finally the stockings were hung

the babies got tired before we were able to get a group picture modeling our pj's, they wore theirs proudly as they went down the hall to bed ~lol~ maybe I'll make a specil trip for a photo shoot ~lol~
you should of seen the sales girls face when we said 15 yds please! ~lol~

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