Sunday, January 30, 2011


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Oh happy day! I got a new sewing machine! it's computerise, it has features for quilting & has a mind of it's own LOL I'm use to having to turn the wheel for reverse & when my hand waved across the front I guessed it touched a button &it changed stitches LOL

these are the fabrics I bought to make the aprons for my grand daughter's Food network birthday party , had to make up a pattern cut cur cut & sew sew sew, I actually never went to bed lol sewed non stop from 12 Fri till 10:30 Sat.morning & went straight to the a party got home around 5:30 went straight to bed & woke up at *:00 this morning lol but here they are

Judges & participants, the girls were so tickled when they got to pick their aprons out



oh how sweet...
They will have such a good time cookin with their new aprons on.
you did a good job.. with your new machine...

what to make next ???

Nanna said...

thanks Maurine, I think the next big project will to be to finish quilting the quilt I started a few years ago with my Aunt, I want to be able to show her that I finished it she is slowly losing her short term memory so I despertly wantta show her the finished product ASAP

Mom2fur said...

There's nothing like an awesome machine to inspire you! It looks like everyone really loves the aprons you made. They are very cute!