Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A few weeks back you were waiting to see what I got for my birthday, been so busy thought I'd better hurry & catch up before it's my birthday again LOL LOL sooo much has been happening over here at Nanna's ,the twins, Maegan & Madison just celebrated their third birthday, little Noah is growing like a weed, I'm getting ready to take a group of ladies from the church to a conference with Judy Jacobs & Darlene Bishop, ohhh it's gonna be a good one! OK back to the birthday treasures

yellow roses from hubby, what a sweet surprise, did you know that the yellow rose represents "love you forever"

have you noticed in the magazines, trays are popping up everywhere? on dinning tables, coffee tables? sister found this at Pier One
not quite sure where to put it or decorate with it just yet, she also got me this cute ruffled apron, oh course I had no shame when I called & dropped the hint that I was gonna get it but got side tracked, I really did get side tracked LOL

I've always loved puzzles, just not enough time to sit still long enough to put one together in a while, my husbands grandmother was always putting one together & asking me how far along was I on my puzzle 2 puzzles from my best friend

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