Sunday, February 27, 2011


is hosting Handmade Blog party Sunday, be sure to go by & get in on the fun where you'll meet some wonderful participants who are sharing their love of handmade,whether you're visiting or sharing your link they'd be glad to see you

the first big challenge of my new sewing machine was to make 15 aprons for my granddaughter's Food Network birthday party a few weeks back,I bout threw it & me into shock as it took literally 24 hrs to complete all 15 especially when an hour goes by & I just realized there were only 14 LOL, the party was a blast & the aprons were a great hit & big surprise

my new passion is pillowcases, I think it's so neat how they wind up being sewn in a jelly roll fashion then turned right side out & waa laa , a pillowcase with no
seams,this one was a pratice run

Iam curently working on another big pink headed Raggedy Ann for a sweet little girl

so as you can see I've been giving that new machine a run for it's money LOL,along with "just for me" projects waiting in line I hope I don't wear it out LOL


TeresaM said...

Oh my gosh!!! How cute...........your aprons turned out wonderful! What fun!

Nanna said...
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Nanna said...

uggg can't spell before coffee! LOL as I was saying thanks for stopping by Teresa, I wa in the middle of editing & poof there you were, quick as a wink lol

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