Monday, June 6, 2011


well I did get something accomplished today lol, worked on the fellowship hall over at the church most of the morning so today was mainly a cut out day, I mentioned to Maurine I was doing pillowcases, she replies "piece of cake" ha ha in normal situations yes this would be true but, after half way into the cutting I realised there wasn't enough to make the borders in the coordinating print soooooo had to think think think with the brain,homemade pillowcases run a tad longer than store bought so that's the size I went with so I could get all the borders, trims bla bla bla the same on each pillowcase, these will be sur nuff custom made LOL, tomorrow I will pull my quilt out that I started with my Aunt(we wont say how long ago) LOL it will take working on it a little each day to get it finished, I have spent way too much time letting these pillowcases give me fits & Maurine's just been buzzing away over there, you can check on her here tomorrow is serious sewing business, I can't wait to see what I get done LOL!

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