Monday, June 6, 2011


awwww a good cup of coffee & scrolling through all the blogs on my dashboard page is a good start in the morning after rising & thanking the Lord for another beautiful day, there is one blog that keeps mystified for hours it seems, the more you click the more you find lol, anyways back to what I found, Karen over at SEW MANY WAYS is having a 5" red & white square swap, ohh the ideas are endless as to what you could do with red & white squares, a quilt, pillows, quilt & a pillow lol so hurry! hurry! go over & get in on this swap, you know it'll be fun to add one more thing to that "to do" list LOL

speaking of "to do" list the sewing war between Maurine (Stitchins House Of Prims) & me starts today LOL we've decided to work on those unfinished projects first then tackel some "just for me" projects , we talked about if we survive the war ,possibly tackle something like a cloth rug,there are no losers in this war, just two friends sparking each others creative juices,days filled with fun & laughter so be sure to check on each of us as we go through this week of sewing , mixed with laughter & fun oh & don't forget they'll be pictures! LOL

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