Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Can you believe it's day three already & we're still buzzing right along, has the suspense got to you yet lol, we talked tonight about how we'd post our grand waa laa at the end & keep you in suspense for now, for example, Karen thinking that my------------ is a door drafter LOL,speaking of suspense the cookie jar Maurine told you about , well you see why I love it so! it's red! ~lol~ I will always love my red cookie jar,not only because I just love it so ~lol~but because it's a reminder of when two friends met & became bonded for life

there's another project for the kitchen I was working on during all the tweaking
for the chairs to match the runner on the table along with possibly curtains but my homespun is hiding from me today lol but no worries I'll just buy some more ~lol~there's plenty more to get into this week~lol~ here's a sneak peek at what I made today, can you tell what it is? ~lol~

tomarrow I will work on my quilt & can you believe in the mist of this fun I joined a 125 red& white 5"fabric square swap??? ~lol~ so guess I'll get on cutting those out, seeing they're due in the mail next week! Maurine is trying to get me to make my big mamy with babies & a big ole goose pattern up this week , humm that's one of those "just for me " projects, this week is unfinished projects but she may talk me into it, you just never know! ~lol~

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