Thursday, June 9, 2011


Here we are at day four, I'm not sure if the days are dragging or flying by ~lol~I first thought my war buddy was waving he white flag tonight, you know the one...the flag of defeat ~lol~but she assured me that the war was not over & that it was just "truce" flag (time out) ~lol~ just for today but look out tomorrow! for you see she has been busy working on something for "Prim Nest", ohh I'm so proud of her & know she will come up with something wonderful to say as she is good at writing, wished I'd of known about the truce flag today I could of used it ~lol~today started early with more painting over at the fellowship hall over at the church then home to drag my quilt out that I've been trying to finish for....well we wont go there ~lol~only to discover a critter had been sleeping on it, so with over half way to finish it I took out all the straight pins & replaced them with safety pins, sprayed it down with shout it out & into the washer yea yea I know...a big no no but what to do ~lol! hopefully all will be well & I wont have to get the seam ripper to all the hundreds of stitches I already had in it & start all over, tomorrow I hope to find some black/tan homespun to finish up a kitchen project, well I'm off to take my quilt out of the washer, almost scared to look in there ~lol~ then it's off to bed,

see you tomarrow night!

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