Thursday, August 4, 2011


ok so here’s the problem, 2 months of computer guy not putting in the right thing to begin with & adding all new things I didn’t ask for nor know how to work, & taking off programs that I had ohhh lets cut through the chase here if possible ~lol~

when I go to make a post & click “publish” I get  “java script void” popup,java’s on here so not sure what’s going on with that

so Maurine suggest using the “live writer” that’s a good thing as I am able to be telling you my troubles ~lol~ buttttt it doesn’t let me post pictures, when I click insert pic  & pull up files  I can’t find it even though it’s there when writer is off…so figure!

sooo anybody out there know anything about how to get my java outta the void mode so I can get back to posting the normal way?

I’m posting this on all my blogs, I need all the help I can get ~lol~


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

I'm no expert (believe me!) but I would check to see that you have the most up to date version of Java. If you do, then I'd delete the copy on your computer and download it again. Here's the Java web address: . If you have a PC, go to 'Control Panel', choose 'Programs', then 'Uninstall a program'. Check to see what version of Java is on your computer and then look at the Java website to see if it is the most current. If it is, then uninstall the version on your computer and reload it, must be a hitch in the 'git along' somewhere! Hope this helps, if you are on a Mac sorry, I don't know a darn thing about Mac's! Deb

Nanna said...

thanks Deb, the guy supoosinaly transfered my harddrive onto the new tower bit there's something wrong with the java somewhere, like you say I may have to unistall & reinstal