Thursday, September 22, 2011



when you see “not allowed to leave comments on this blog” that is soo not true! LOL LOL  a sweet blogger emailed me & informed me that she’s tried  on a few occasions to leave  a comment only to get a popup saying not invited, well I never ! LOL so I investigated this matter a little further because I was wondering why it’s let me leave a test comment , well duh! I’m the owner so of course it let me in LOL

all is well in the comment section now, thanks to all who has brought this to my attention, not that I have comments beating  the door down lol but I was wondering if what I had to say was just getting to be boring LOL

 pillowcasedress          HAPPY SEWING!


Prims and Annies said... the Halloween outfits.
If you can't leave a comment even though you have signed in...sign out and then sign in again...remove the check mark where it says stay signed in..This should work.
Have a great weekend

Nanna said...

thanks Maxie, it's all fixed now my comment buttons were off