Saturday, September 24, 2011


Demolition of the sewing room so to speak lol ever since I had it painted yellow it has lost it’s mojo flow, kinda makes me wantta scream when I’m was in there lol but then as time went on it became a throw that in there kinda room LOl oh mercy do I dare share the process LOL but bless it’s little ole sweet pea picking sewing room heart it’s goanna  get revamped & beautified this coming week, I’ve been sorting all the UFO’s & all the patterns, supplies etc & placing everything in totes etc then out to the shed they’ll go  leaving a wide open empty room to work with then I will sort through & put things where they go  whew! I can do this! I can do this! lol

newsew01 now this is actually a closet  newsew02          LOL truly it is, it will be transformed back into a closet , a surprise for hubby,  a whole closet  all to himself , may even put a chair in there  for time out lol just kidding,the chair will go in my closet so I can reach the top shelves LOL but the sewing room & the closet are my big projects on the list this week while he’s out of town , see all those UFO’s LOL

now for these screaming yellow walls   newsew03     humm will curtains calm them down, wallf     I’ve had a few suggest  painting the trim cream or white, that yellow is suppose to be calming ,so we’ll see what happens this week , just being able to see the floor is getting my mojo juices flowing & that’s good cause I’m down to 6 weeks till show time!

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