Friday, September 2, 2011


Is there a favorite ornie  that you like to make, do you make it over & over again, which ones seem to be best sellers for you, in the Fall candy corn & crows  always sell pretty good, out of all the ornies I make I’d have to say I favor my gingerbread boys, snowmen & redbirds




can’t you just see a tree full of these redbirds, I actually made 28 two years ago for the Prim Mart Ornie swap, I have some new ornie patterns I want to try out this year for my Christmas show, my goal this year is to have a  6ft tree full of ornies

Do you know what tomorrow is……..

That’s right! sewing war picture day lol

there is no losers nor winners ,Maurine & me decided a while back to get each other motivated to get cracking on some  of those unfinished projects like the apron I had cut out for  2 years lol, please say a prayer for Maurine as she was not feeling well when I talked to her tonight, I assured her that she had plenty of time to rest & get to feeling better as Saturday’s not over till midnight LOL LOL LOL

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