Saturday, September 3, 2011


Well Maurine is still trying to get her finished pictures outta of cyber space, some of mine disappear too lol having to take some over is always fun lol

I finally got that apron together that’s been cut out for nearly 2 years, it’s hard to see but there are 2 pockets on the front


I finished an Americana wreath that’s been in the works for a while, this is the 3rd American wreath I’ve made & till not one for me lol,I was going to add it to my show this year but  my niece fell in love with it so being the sweet Auntie that I am…LOL


it took 2 weeks to get wallpaper off  the kitchen walls, whew! what a mess,the paper on the paneled wall behind it came off with it







the paint is a lot lighter than I had planed on, it was supposed to been a light creamy beige but it’s too close to white for my comfort lol, so who knows what will happen there lol I’m still tweaking the kitchen, hanging my antique lard buckets, tea kettles  etc over the table so there’ll be an overall picture  coming up soon

I almost almost got pillowcases finished lol so thought I’d go ahead & show you what they’ll look like once they’re sewn up the sides yea yea I know but it’s almost midnight! lol the others are somewhere but oh well the will be finished by Monday & taken to my granddaughters


I’m not sure if there is such a thing as no unfinished projects LOL but it’s good to be able to mark them off one by one, I have 30 something naked traditional  Raggedy Ann bodies to dress by Nov for my Christmas show , I will finish my quilt the week  hubby is outta town, unless I find some UFO’s hiding in the sewing room that should get me caught up ,yea I’m not too sure I believe that either LOL

happy sewing!


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