Thursday, September 29, 2011



What to do with all these delicious red & white squares, there’s a little over 170 something I think


I have seen a few  that have turned theirs into beautiful quilts, I love love love! what Ann did with hers

as you know I’ve been trying to get the  “aww love  to be in here feel” back into the sewing room, I didn’t have paint on my mind when I choose this color, which is a lot darker than shown on the paint card, nothing seems to work with it giving it a make me wantta scram feel LOL but I’ve put the color aside (for now) lol & trying to arrange  things around to get my mojo flowing again, just 6 1/2 weeks till show time!

I’m liking the chair in this corner but also am considering putting a round table there  for cutting, eating  puzzle time etc lol


these cabinets are actually top of a cabinet that was in my parents trailer years & years ago, I’m thinking of painting them either a rich white or black, I’m liking them here but there’s a plug behind there & this room has limited plugs then again they may just have to go lol


attached to  small black shutters is one of many  gifts from my sweet friend Maurine which defiantly will go in the sewing room, organize02

Maurine is owner of  I’m so thankful we got to go to Missouri a visit before she moved to Michigan with her daughter, she is getting settled in & we’ve been talking about another sewing adventure *hint*…”pins”

I so want to get this sewing room settled by the weekend, I’m not sure whether to tone down the yellow or go with another color loving  this color of blue & I’m not much into blues lol it is sea star by Benjamin Moore

you can see her whole post on this room makeover here

so that’s the size of it for this week, trying to get the sewing room finished & putting up pears all week, lady from church decided to load us all down with pears this past week, I’ve been making pear halves, pear butter, pear preserves whew! I’m in pear twilight zone over here, see why I need  my sewing room to sooth me, I need a place to run away to LOL

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