Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I recently pulled close to everything out of the sewing room into the new shed  so’s to be able to better organize, paint etc. now it seems it’s a scavenger hunt  everyday ~lol~ have you ever came across body's & wonder what pattern did you come from???  


hey sweet baby, where’s your mommy, going02 OFF WITH HER HEAD! oh noooo was this your mommy ? 


what’s this? humm looks like  the thoughts of maybe a quilt? say it’s not so ~lol~  


we see you! let us out of this bag! going04 what’s that in the corner over there? looks like somebody’s trying to get out~lol~ going06 I must not stress & let the UFO’s over take me, I must craft on! but here’s my story & I’m sticking to it! ~lol~

last night not being able to find my long needle just made my MOJO  go belly up LOL   yea yea I should of “crafted on” ~lol~

I could of wrapped candles

I could of cut fabrics

I could of made pillows

I could of made aprons

I could of made bonnets

ok you get the idea I could of but didn't! I let the missing needle get the best of me LOL LOL

I could of done something! anything! so today I did! I bought more needles~lol~


stay tuned for a progress report!

Nanna over & out!

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