Thursday, October 20, 2011



Bee01X022 the more I look, the more I find, I’ve been at it since 5:30 this morning, got all the little noses & stars painted for the snowmen ornies, found scarves & hats that will turn into snowmen wreaths later, a nice size Annie & her snowman just needs a head of hair

in-between all the sewing, painting & grunging madness, I’m finishing up a 36” pink headed Annie for my pastors grand daughters 2nd birthday, there’s Oreo balls to be made for my grand daughters 13th birthday party, (tons of them) lol, help my daughter set  her church gym up for the party ,all this in the next 48 hours lol

after the party Fri night hubby & I will head out for Tenn he was supposed to go out of town the 29th but that got changed to the 23rd so it’s home late Sat. night from Ten ,up Sun  morning & off he goes lol

what are my plans for being alone this coming week?, sew, take nap, sew , take nap, sew, take nap, are you getting the picture LOL,

no worries here,! sewing  under pressure makes you beautiful !LOL  sick

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