Monday, October 24, 2011


no time but I want to make these!LOL

LOL some say pinterest is a good thing but it can be a bad thing when those DIY projects start piling up in your head LOL by the way , how many pictures will one board hold? LOL with a little over  2 weeks till show time I really should stay out LOL as long as the DIY’s doesn’t turn into UFO’s it’s ok right?DIY picture collage cute and easy!

photo blocks

christmas crafts

tv tray = ironing board

I love the TV tray idea for an ironing board, just right but ironing small things right there beside me

& the collage board , welllll I need inspiration in the sewing room, right?

the tree welll cute for the show , right? LOL

LOL we can find all kinds of reasons to procrastinate & pinterest is  a good place to start lol ohhh but I love it so but there’s things be cut, sewed, stuffed, grunged, painted,baked, tweaked, bagged, packed & progress reports to be made

soooooo I will not look nor type in pinterest ohhhhhhh wait I can’t do it…..ok yes I can! I can do this! hummmmm whew! ok I will not look upon pinterest for the next week , I will confine myself to the sewing room & cut, sew, stuff,grunge, paint,bake, tweak,bag & pack



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