Thursday, October 27, 2011


fiberfill~lol~ do you think I’ll get a lot out of this bag? Walmart has just about stopped carrying anything & everything to do with sewing, now all they have are these big 50 oz bags of poly-fil some of the walmart still have the regular sized bags but they’re a lot smaller now & have gone up in price

something as simple as running out of black thread  can cause a sewing room to shut down LOL, couldn’t put anybody’s eyes one, no mouths, no eyelashes, you getting the picture? LOL but not to fear, I now have 3 big spools ready to tackle all those Annies bright & early in the morning

meantime I switched over & started making gingers the rest of the day,  they will look close to this when doneP1010484   All  was going good till I tried to sew my finger LOL

But all is well, I’m pooped & going to bed, clock will be going off at 5am as I’ve much to do!


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The Olde Country Cupboard said...

looks like you are getting alot done. Hard to believe it will be all over in a few weeks. I keep telling myself, I will do better next year.But somehow always wait till the last minute.
take care and hope you get lots done.