Saturday, October 29, 2011


I"m not sure what's up with blogger, I made a pretty good post last night & poof off it went into cyber space, this morning it's all crazy & tiny little letters hummm what's going on here I finished up quite a few UFO's yesterday I'll get pictures when I get batteries recharged, it's always something isn't it LOL meantime I am working on little long johns


this picture  is a freebie pattern from The Old Country Cupboard, they are turning  out so cute!  Sandy has more cute freebies on her blog, just scroll down to the bottom of the page, be sure to check out her fantastic patterns as well  you will fall in love with everything she does!

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~willa~ said...

Blogger has certainly be acting up for a lot of bloggers lately. I don't put a lot of widgets on my blog because they always seem to conflict with blogger.

Love the little long john's! Love Sandy's patterns. She is so generous with her freebies too.