Sunday, October 30, 2011


Till show time that is, actually only 10 left for sewing, stuffing, painting, sorting , tagging, packing  ughhhhhh when you consider the 10th I go & set up & seeing it’s a 9am –9pm that Fri there’ll be  no trying to make anything that night for sure lol then turn right around & go back the next day

If I’m not fighting the machine, it’s the camera, pictures are in there but wont show up when I put the chip in the tower, not sure what’s up with that, I even deleted  5 non important pictures & took them again, still wont show up hummmmmm

so pictures today are pitiful lol finishing up those UFO’s


making a few pillowsufo03

maybe the chip just needs  clearing completely, if that doesn’t work well  it’s a new chip  for sure LOL

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The Olde Country Cupboard said...

it will all be over with before we know. Where did the time go. I have 3 /12 weeks. I can feel the stress mounting.
hope you get lots done and have a great show.