Monday, October 3, 2011


I’m inspired, motivated, now just to get my MoJO working lol & I think once that sewing room gets that “aww I love to be here feel”, things will click  like clock work, it has too counting down the days! lol there’s  few new patterns out there  that i think I need lol but seriously I have  enough that I haven’t made to open up a small pattern store lol not to mention  the box full Maurine loaded me down with

with all the patterns I’ve made, with all the patterns yet to be opened & actually cut `lol~ there’s always those out there that just call you lol, isn’t he just the cutest thing to sit in a chair or by the tree & who can resist Beulah & her cat

these patterns are  from  crooked river mercantile      & can be purchased through pattern mart.there's a lot of new items I want to introduce to the show this year, lots of new ornies, Annie's, Snowmen, Santa's etc.

Wed. me & a few of the ladies from church head out to the Anointed Praise Conference in Tenn. & be back sat.[3]

after that , there's going to be some paint slinging & fabric flying & pressure foots a smokin in the sewing room LOL LOL, I think I shall call  in my friend Debbie for reinforcements, if I put snacks out maybe she’ll think she’s visiting & not helping LOL LOL

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