Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It’s getting close to the wire for getting creative with 30 plus days till show time, this is my biggest show of the year Fri. 9am-9pm & Sat 9am-2pm, in-between all the petal stomping, fabric flying, snowmen melting, Santa's hollering Ho Ho Ho I’m putting my sewing room together, I’ve decided to go with the sear star blue with van. ice cream trim , doesn’t that just sound yummy! lol


I’ve found some neat things that would be neat framed & placed around the sewing room, soo that’s another thinking project going on in my head lol

whimsy studios printCreate

Psalm 37:... One of my favorites :)anyhow I’ve got lots of ideas stashed in my pinterest boards lol Maurine  is just about settled in her new home, she will post more about that later I’m sure as she got her computer set up last night,we discussed a new sewing war when she was in the middle of her move & she’s about ready to declare war, you’re goanna love it! but I think I’ll wait on her till she’s ready to announce on her blog “sorry” in the meantime, I was able to go to Missouri & visit before she headed out to Michigan & she loaded me down with sooooooo much stuff, patterns, displays crafts, I’m talking  a Van full I’m not kidding, first thing she asked was how’s all my stuff LOL I told her it was going in the new sewing room, oh I’ve also been looking around the net for sewing machine cover ideas

Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial By candacetodd.blogspot.comall crafts 8 Cover Patterns for the Sewing Machine

so a lots happening over here at Nanna’s as you can see, painting, giving the sewing room a new look, getting ready for my 2 day Christmas show, then last but not least the new  sewing war with Maurine, I need a nap just thinking about it! LOL

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