Wednesday, October 12, 2011


To Show Time, where does the time go & why does it go by so fast lol 30 days till time to set up, today I went through all the patterns Maurine gave mecountdown01there’s over 50 wonderful patterns, raggedys, prims & there's some big gals in here too lol  ,there’s some I know I’ll be making & introducing to my show, she also loaded me down with fabric, which I’ll probably roll up all cutie like  & display in my sewing room

countdown02 I’m thinking  maybe make some pillows, or a sewing machine cover with some that goes with the new colors in the sewing room, yea this  may appear as playing but I assure you it’s more on the thinking & pondering process LOL then I went through boxes I’d packed up when I emptied out the sewing room & found a some UFO’s they’ll be so cute when finished

countdown03then there was a bag, hummm what’s in herecountdown04 cardinal & snowmen ornie UFO’s, when I find where I put the accessories ~lol~ they’ll look like this


there’s lots more UFO’s waiting to be found & finished lol,found 2 boxes marked shows, which means they’re full of finished Annies etc so between them, all the UFO’s & all the new things I want to try I should have a very good show this year, there’s  a few new things I want to introduce this year, love love love these aprons,MA 19instructions can be found here

at least get one “just for me” in there lol,I’m in for  a busy weekend at the church with a fundraiser yard sale & Boston butt sale, there’s baking to be done tomorrow for the bake sale, so big plans for tomorrow is to rise & shine really early & get going on those ornies then decide what to make  for the bake sale, bake bake bake then sew sew  sew all night LOL

oh mercy I just glanced over at the clock & it’s 12:15, gee-whiz , late already! it’s already tomorrow !LOL LOL

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The Olde Country Cupboard said...

Sounds like you are going to be busy. I know how you feel, shows right around the corner. Looks like you got some great patterns there.
take care and hope you get lots done.