Saturday, October 15, 2011


for DIY projects lol lol welll it’s hard to keep from adding to that “just for me” list when  you come across so many great ideas lol, I think my calendar is clear for Monday shhhh don’t say that out loud LOL counting down to 28 days, whew! surely there’s time in between sewing  for  a few“just for me” projects, it’s for the new sewing room, doesn’t that make it aright? LOL, here’s a few Ideas I love! bulletin boards made from an old window frame, you can find it here  ,just scroll down a bit

& what’s not to love about this photo lamp shade Image

time will tell by Monday  what I get into LOL  I’m kind of wiped out from the yard sale/Boston Butt & bake sale this weekend so I may take a nap here in a bit then tie into something in my sewing room, the next Fri night sew in over at  Handmade by Heidi will be coming upon the 21st, with show time fast approaching this will be a good reason to stay up all night lol, get your button & join in on the fun 

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