Thursday, November 10, 2011

24 Hours 10 min. & just a few seconds


We’re almost ready to go, ready or not the time has come , have you watched the show Food Network where they make their dishes for the judges & then they count down & shout , “chefs  times up!step away”

as I looked around the sewing room last night I realized it was time to just step away from the machine, what’s done is done & let the lower end hang & go to bed, something I’d almost forgotten how to do

besides, who’s gonna clean this mess up ,lol, there’s a lot of sanding to be done to this big ole gal to get her to that nice prim stage ufo13 my gingers didn’t turn out as dark as I’d hope for but this late in the game they’ll have to do, well with 24 hours, 10 min & a few seconds to spare, I might could fix them LOLufo14

while looking for  totes  in the shed ,I found these guys hiding in the far back , thank goodness they weren’t UFO’s LOLready01

I think once I finish getting everything  priced , fluffed & tweaked I’ll come up with more than I realize I have,  for yesterday was to be my deadline, my all nighter to get it all done but my heart just wasn’t in it & still not, the phone rang early yesterday, it was my sister telling me that our Aunt had passed away, this now leaves my mom down to one sister out of seven brothers & sisters

my heart aches in so many different directions, my heart aches for my mom who is getting up in years & because of health reasons can’t even get out to attend her sisters funeral, my heart aches for my cousins, Pam, Mary, Bill, Gary, Terry & Danny who now have lost both parents & having to face the upcoming Holidays & explain to children why grandma isn’t  there

depending on how my mom holds out will determine if I try to do  my show & a funeral back to back this weekend

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