Monday, November 14, 2011


ever wonder if there's life after shows? LOL does it really ever stop? besides all the cleaning  from all the sewing, painting & gunging that went flying everywhere  I' guess I'll get back to those "just for me" projects & finish organizing the house & getting ready for the Holidays, today I'm rearranging & organizing the office, soooo tired of things getting lost in here but I have a plan to stop that lol I took show pic's with my daughters camera & lol & behold it don't fit my tower ughhhhh sooooo after I transfer them to a cd from Wal-Mart or somewhere then off that onto here I'll post them , what a mess! lol I"m thinking of selling off all  of my inventory, UFO's included & start fresh next year, after the Holidays settle the big plans are to get things cut out & sewed so come show time it'll all be ready for stuffing & putting together, not much to think about today but that's my thoughts for today

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Prims and Annies said...

Hi...we just finished two shows back to back weekends. I slept 'til 8:30 and just kinda took it easy today. I do a thorough cleaning of my craft room after the last show of the year. Got started on that today too.

Smiles and Huggs,