Wednesday, November 9, 2011


just about to get all the UFO’s under wraps, I’ve bout decided what’s left will be ripped open & unstuffed & turned into something else  next go round LOL LOL


I still don’t know who these gals are LOL LOL


working on Snow Angels, she’s a big ole gal  who holds a snowman, anyways, had two but made the eyes a little too big on one but all is not lost I simply will turn her into a black snow angel before starting all over LOL

the hours are getting away from me fast as tonight it needs to be all priced tagged,bagged ,packed & loaded so it’s about to get hairy over here LOL

with all that said here’s Frosty, at least that’s his name for now LOL


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Prims and Annies said...

I love painted eyes...and it is so disappointing to paint them wrong after ALL that work...I make an extra head from the beginning and that way it doesn't hurt so much when I paint one problem is painting them too big, I start out small and they get larger and larger...painting black is a great idea...never thought of it. I was just telling my friend...if it is not made won't get made for shows this last one is this weekend.
Good Luck with your shows,
Smiles and Huggs