Saturday, January 7, 2012


January is a month for fresh new beginnings, as we cull out, declutter, organize, fresh paint here & there, new looks,fix things  along the way , clear up more of the tornado damage, revamp the blogs, all is right with the world, well mine anyways LOL
with February close behind, most think of it as  a love month, filled with sweetness, candy, & romance I like to think of it as month to fall back in love with my home, the sweetness of looking around & seeing things that make me mile, taking a break from orders & working on show stuff & making things for my home, my home has missed me & I have sorely missed it  from being so busy,I can’t wait to rekindle the romance between us lol
there are a few projects in store ,a few  fun  challenges, check my side bar & get in on the fun , to keep updated on all the changes you’ll have to check back often on all of my blogs as each one reflects different interest
today I am packing up the sewing room, don’t get scared, it’s just to make room   for the new changes that are coming!
2012 Finish-A-Long

updates on my quilt, Monday!

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