Friday, February 3, 2012



remember when I stared  my picnic quilt  a few weeks ago 
blocks01yesterday in-between cleaning & washing cloths I worked on  a few more blocks, you put 6 together to make one 12”block, if I put these together  it’ll be one block down blocks02
with 30 something more to go lol this will be a lap quilt about the size of  a throw blanket so there’s still a whole lotto cutting to be done, I’m in no hurry for this project as it is  a “just for me” project” so I work on it in-between working on other stuff, guess you could say on my breaks  lol
it will be  a great start on  a new project when I finish my blue quilt which has to be finished by the end of March seeings I entered it in a finish along challenge ,which I’m glad I did cause it prompted me to get it out of the closet

quilt02 quilt01

I could whip it through the machine in no time but  I started it  a year ago with my Aunt & to make a long story short  she will ask if I hand stitched it like she taught me, she’s getting up in her 90’s now & starting to have moments of forgetfulness, this drives me to finish it as I can't wait to take it & show it to her & believe you me she will inspect it good! LOL!

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Alicia said...

Love the fabrics of your picnic quilt. And the blue quilt is a great Job you're doing on, it is going to be a dream when is finish