Thursday, February 2, 2012


Do you ever start out to do something, then things just happen to have to take priority, life in general, babies being born, holidays, birthdays yea excuses excuses lol   last year when I painted  the sewing room yellow, it didn’t turn out the happy yellow that I was expecting so plans were to paint it over & give the room a whole new look
hummm what have I been doing you say? LIFE! LOL! we just  celebrated sisters 60th, my b’days coming up hee hee, I have a granddaughters b’day to  help set up this weekend, a ladies meeting  & valentine banquet to prepare for, & the list goes on & on for Feb. lol
but I am making progress, lol I’m gradually packing up the sewing room, keeping out only the necessaries for sewing special projects, I’m temporarily sewing in the kitchen ha ha & I have  a few quilt projects going, we’ve been culling out & tweaking a room at a time, the office is looking more like an office
but in the meantime I still long for my sewing room to be back to it’ pretty creative space, so I collect inspiration, jot down notes, sketch out how I want the room, the big plans are to make it happen by the end of Feb.
can you take 50 plus rooms & turn them into one LOL

Stunningly Gorgeous Craft RoomInspirational craft rooms

floral sewing tableA crafting room....ahhhhhh!

Crafting roomcheery craft room

how awesome would this room be for sewing parties

Sewing room heaven!

do you have a sewing space to die for, does  it inspire you to create something beautiful even if nobody cares? I think I shall print & frame this quote


really like this one too

whimsy studios print

till next time, happy sewing!

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