Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Make a Kite |


How to Make a Kite |  

what do you do craft wise besides sewing? I want to spend more time outside this year, tweak the yard & make it ohh so pretty, perhaps even have a garden if I remember how  it’s been so long lol
maybe I can talk the older grand daughters into helping with the tweaking, they do want to learn to sew soooo that could be a great trade off LOL! shhhhh don’t wake me outta my sweet dream lol! the little ones will do anything just because it's fun! fun! fun! lol!
yea yea I know there’s kites out there in the stores somewhere but where would the bonding be in  that huh?  seven grand kids making kites & going to the park & having a picnic too boot! shhhhhh! don’t wake me!how to build a kite the kite runner

come on you know you wantta make one lol!

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