Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Happy Valentines to you my friend, how ever you spend your day may it be filled with love, peace & happiness  427264_347648395256631_207467779274694_1144067_2081631659_n[1]I’ll be sewing today, yep it doesn’t take much to make me happy lol! helping my daughter finish up  an outfit for the twin’s upcoming birthday, the big 4!  where does time go lol!

the sewing room is almost pass the thinking possess lol I love the rustic look yet the shabby chi calls me as well as the cottage look, is there a way to combine all three humm well there comes a time to just do it so I’m told lol!the more I look, the more calls me such as dress forms, now wouldn’t this print be so sweet in the sewing room 

organize05along with a dress form or two

shabby chic dress formsDRESS FORMS

Quilt display`love the patterns covering this....cute idea

so many ideas I wantta incorporate into the sewing room but as they say there’s only so much room , I think once the room is empty & tone down that dark yellow get some curtains up , get all my eye candy pictures together  it’ll come together quicker I’m giving myself to the end of Feb. I can do this!

Just DO IT

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