Friday, February 17, 2012


As much as I do?I think it goes way back from my grand mother, or perhaps the fond memories of my husbands grand mother always making anyone who enters the kitchen wear an apron
remember my patchwork apron?patchwork apron
well it has found a new home hanging on the door of the laundry room at my sisters house yea yea I’m so sweet! LOL & mercy me! when I made 15 for my grand daughters food network birthday party  aprons for my grand daughers b'day party
my little collection could use some growing lol!apron03

the dotted one is made from a dishtowel I purchased from a sweet granny who had a booth across from me a few years ago,the ruffled one is from Pier One , a b’day gift from sister, the black/white, I made from a panel, the pinkie calico one I made from a simplicy pattern, the green one  from a sweet granny I came across at a  local craft show, as you can see the blue patchwork one didn’t stay long enough to hang out with the others LOL!
I will be making aprons for my shows, so just maybe I’ll sneak in a few just for me lol! would you like to see my apron eye candy folder I have on Pinterest?

yes indeedie! I love aprons!

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TeresaM said...

Love all your aprons!!! What a fun memory of your husbands grandmother having everyone wear an apron when in the kitchen!