Monday, February 20, 2012



there are so many ideals racing through my head for the sewing room, do I tone down the screaming yellow walls or poof be gone all together, I know what you’re thinking, JUST DO IT ALLREADY!ROFLMBO well I am, I really am!I’ve got enough pins on pinterest I should be able to jump in on something! I came across a neat site that had  great tips on getting that sewing room going lol things we already know but need a refresher in our thinking possess like surround yourself with beautiful things, I get that! but I love the prim look & I love the shabby chic look & I love the vintage whites & browns look soo how do I choose draw names outta of hat? lOl!I know I wantta surround myself with my fabrics, quilts,books, aprons,pillows collections etc.

*keep it organized, I wantta say goodbye to the Rubbermaid drawer thingeys & hello to beautiful jars, crocks, hat boxes etc.

*be comfortable I want to incorporate  a sewing area separate from the work are, a mending area like the chair in front of a shutter or antique door ( I have both)in the corner for hemming, reading sipping tea etc.

*minimize distractions, sorry TV, you’re out! lol!

this is just a few things to ponder, in the meantime I’m working on getting the ladies from church together to start sewing pillowcase dress's for Africa 

I’ve made pillowcases for my grand daughters, I’ve helped my youngest make the twins a birthday outfit for their upcoming 4th birthday

I know you guys are picture orientedROFLMBO so I’ll get pictures ASAP , the other day  well Thur in fact I had a cap fall right outta my head lol hopefully my dentist can glue it back in ohhhh how I hope so !that’s what I’m dealing with this week

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