Friday, February 24, 2012


I do do love this look & it takes nothing to open & paint a can lol & I do have a lazy Susan round, I think this would be sweet beside the sewing machine,
Tin Can Caddy
I have a door shutter as well as an antique door, I can see one or the other with my rocker done up ohhh so sweet for those mending or ripping out lol times or a magazine & tea/coffee break
I have lots of antique buttons on the original cards “somewhere” lol 
Great way to display old buttonsi
n the meantime there’s pillowcase’s case03case04along with organizing the house & getting my list oh yea I’m a list person LOL! for my upcoming show, the dots are new items I’m introducing this year lol!case05 I always try to get everything done.priced & toted up a week before show time (never happens) lol but this year! lol! with the first show being around the 2nd week of Sept, this gives me about 23 weeks soooo my sewing room’s gotta come together in the next week or so ,
I actually can’t wait to see it all come together, we wont talk about those yellow walls just yet lol! I choose to think on more happy thoughts of what & where to put where & all the Annie's I haven’t made in a while like JOJO .that hair & those fingers & toes are a hoot but sooo worth the outcome!JoJo, she's a big ole hugable loveable 33" she is one of my favorite Annies to make I’m going to make more bigger, fatter loveable Annie's this year
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