Wednesday, February 29, 2012


  My first pretty for the new & improved sewing room, yesterday was national Pancake day at I Hop & with so much to do & so many places to be there just wasn’t time to get in on that fun so , pancake mix, syrup, powdered sugar, strawberries, choc. chips, hot chocolate I created my own pancake day lol

my daughter’s hairdresser stopped by to do her highlights & I got in on a new cut lol, the grand daughters made pancakes & we made  a dress form pincushion, the bottom of mine…well lets just say “it was my first one” LOL daughters  quickly says ohh I’ll fix that with  a tu tu lol

here’s my daughter’sdress02

  I wanted some bling bling on mine LOLdress03 dress01

mine will be the start of a collection & as you can see with all the pins my daughter intends using hers lol!

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Prims and Annies said...

Those are so cute...I have a pattern somewhere and keep saying I am going to pull it out and make it. Looks like you have it sitting on a glass candle holder...I bought 2 at the thrift store today, now I know what they are perfect for.
Have a great week
Smiles and huggs