Tuesday, March 27, 2012


In one corner of the sewing room I want to incorporate a sitting area, where I can rip out crooked seams lol, stitch on  quilts, roll rag balls, etc. so an old shutter is getting  a new look & a new use now to flip it over & do the other side, it’s been soooo long to get a new vision for the sewing room & seems like it’s slow going, busy busy week this week, flowing into the weekend, today is our sewing day at the church for our Little Dresses For Africa projectsewday
then seven us leave bright & early Fri. morning  to a ladies conference, next week looks bright for the sewing room as hubby is off & can help move the heavy stuff from one wall to the other till I make it all work, did I mention I want an old dinning room table in there that wasn’t in there before LOL!

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