Saturday, March 24, 2012



This little guy could teach me a thing or two about relaxation.

well almost done lol! remember the yellow sewing room, how the color just made me cringe, almost to the screaming point lol! it was just too dark for my taste, well bright & early this morning I tackled it head on, emptied it out & found that yellow paint I had left over, mixed it with some white, a little beige, there was a bottle of mustard craft paint involved lol!it turned a beautiful soft butter yellow, oh happy day in the sewing room! I tried to take pictures but the walls looked white so perhaps when I get the curtains & things up against them, the color will show up better, I decided to keep & go with the fabric I bought many moons ago for the curtains  100_0503 I noticed the other day that Hobby Lobby has a coordinating green dot to the green that’s in this fabric, there’s a lot of things for the sewing room getting painted a soft creamy white, can you tell I’m going for a more cottage look this time lol!


Mamaws Creations said...

Wanna see pictures!!

Prims and Annies said...

I love the floral fabric--hurry and finish--can't wait for pictures.
Have a great week!!