Thursday, March 15, 2012


More supplies

It didn’t seem like I got much accomplished today but actually I did, my youngest daughter called & I had to go watch the twins while she   had to pick my oldest grand daughter up from school & take her to the doctor, so if you can’t sew what can you do with two four year olds? have them  put on their bathing suits & help wash the Van then hose them down! LOL!

so lest see what’s on the list so far

*mammy & her goose

*lazy Susan project

* a pillow’s & totes

so my daytime work has turned into nighttime work lol!I gave the cans a second coat of paint when I got home, I did find some cute vintage like sheet music printed scrap book paper, wooden handled paint brushes, burlap ribbon, now to find the rest of the finishing touches I need for the lazy Susan organizer project


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