Sunday, May 6, 2012


Seriously, is there ever any true end to the unending UFO”s known as unfinished or ongoing projects LOL!


traditional raggedy Ann & Andy’s, that didn’t get finished due to gallbladder surgery


I’ve actually been working on this one,I started it with my Aunt a few years ago & I’m determined to get it finished so I can show her I did it while she still remembers who I am, so I’m pushing myself on this one for sure


I’m not sure where I even put her, no she did not get burned up in a fire LoL! she will be a Prim grungy Snow Angel when I find her lol!


hum what do we have here ,the snowmen I know go to an Annie from You Are Special pattern,looks like some candy corns, crows & somebody’s legs LOL!


this is patterned after the picnic quilt that Pleasant Home gave a tutorial for a while back

well it just isn’t looking picnicee enough for me LOl!but I do want to make one so I’m going to start over on this project


yes! yes! yes! this is finally turning into happy curtains!


I participation in a red & white quilt square swap  about 2 years ago, I've found the perfect star block to work with, just haven’t had the time to get started on it


maybe i should put this in my sewing room LOL

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