Monday, May 14, 2012


hubby is off today & he is helping me with the sewing room, isn’t he sweet? lol! we’ve been pulling out what doesn’t work & pulling back in what does, when it comes to my sewing room, a dear friend always tells me, “don’t tell me, show me!” LOL so I will show one wall that I’m working with in the sewing room ok maybe two

this side I’m beginning to like ,the cubbie cases are as old as dirt lol has been on every wall every which away, even on their sides on the floor lol! & the shelf came out of the walk in closet we’re transforming into a man’s closet for hubby, anyways this all gets painted a pretty cream sewroom02

then over here, this corner is taking shapesewroom01 I think I need to hurry & finish painting, get the curtains done, things hung up before I start moving everything around again, it’s starting to feel like a sewing room again & I don’t wantta lose the inspiration lol! I have a busy week but am determined to work on my sewing room everyday till it’s done, you should see all the boxes  of sewing stuff I have to go through & sort but I am determined it will get done lol!

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