Monday, August 20, 2012


  every once in  a while fabric will have a slight stretch to it, don’t be tempted to stretch it! lol, I cut the ruffle to my apron just a tad too short & noticed the fabric had some give to it, yea I did! boy did I!


so I thought well I can fix that, so I cut out a triangle to go in the hole, no! no! no! it puckered & made a mess, took it all out & went to plan B


I cut 2 strips,humm how will this work

DSCN1710 it worked! yippee thank goodness that’s over! lol! it is at the end ,so it will be in the back & it’s just for me so it’s ok but boy am I glad that’s over lol


now for the sides, neck straps & ties but with all this excitement, I shall think about that tomorrow lol! if you do any quilting , you know how time consuming cutting out squares can be, so   decided to cut out  some 2 & 1/2” squares from the scraps & came up with 14 squares, they’ll come in handy somewhere down the road of quilting


a scrapbook box is perfect for this,look how cute Kimberly’s stash is

so that’s what’s been happening in the sewing room today, hopefully a more productive day tomorrow for sure!

sewing printable vintage image--graphicsfairy2c

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