Tuesday, August 7, 2012


  How many blocks to make a cozy throw size quilt, you know the blankets we cuddle with on the couch lol! I first thought  maybe four? then I saw someone make six for a lap size, then I saw nine , then twelve,mercy when will it stop? lol! so i got all my squares out, & proceeded to start arranging a pattern & made the decision to do nine for my quilt
the granny square block consist of rows of  1 (baby) 4, 8 & 12 , I only had 3 prints left with a count of 12, so I had to be careful if I took of one of the piles of 12 would I like the color combination of the 12 that were left, this this block was born


that gives me a total of  8 blocks, one to go!I had enough to come up with  2 combinations, don’t you just hate decisions, especially when you like them both lol!


so there’s now 8 blocks waiting for their outer strip, making them a 12” block then on to the side strips, batting, & lining ,ohhhh I’m so close! lol!
I think I  will go with this one  for block number 9


I’ve still got the other quilt to cut out for the quilt along over at quilter In The Gap’s 3rd quarter  2012.
 2012 Finish-A-Long


there’s so much happening in the sewing room  in between all the business,I’m putting together odds & ends, getting ready to create my window treatments, speaking of busy! there’s a lady at church who has a cousin who is an interior seamstress, her sewing room is an enclosed garage that is one big room, well long story short she has stuff & totes to the ceiling & guess what! she has asked me to come & design her sewing room! oh happy day to work in such a big area, in the months to come I will pick up  Ms. Faye & we will head over to her cousins, there has already been talk that this may be a spend a night project lol! I will go in the next few weeks to take before pictures

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