Wednesday, August 8, 2012




as I finish the last block, I am now ready for the outer edges, so I go back & re read the instructions, humm how many times have I read & re read these, apparently not enough lol! I look over at my rabbits, they look as though they knew lol,100_5677

the boys were no help at all 100_5681 once again here’s Lori’s tutorial

now here’s the kicker lol! the side strips are to be added before you sew the rows together, you can tell I didn’t do that lol! 


I started with the seam ripper, bad idea! it was tearing my blocks & there was no more matching squares left sooooo I proceed to add the strips to the sides having to twist & turn so’s it wouldn’t pucker, it’s working but taking longer, this made me have to re think sizing it up making sure all the edges & corners come out even, whew! finally I got one block edged, I’m not sure if it’s right but I’m happy with it lol!


I am linking  this post up with up WIP (work in progress ) @Freshly Pieced

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